A Walk / Snowshoe in the Ashland Watershed 2-24-23

Photos by Mary

Ashland Hiking Home

Hikers: Joe, Sunny, Mike, Jeanne, and Mary
Our snowshoe to Moon Prairie was cancelled after I learned that Dead Indian Memorial Road required chains on vehicles, even with 4 WD. I waited at Rite Aid at 9:00 AM to propose snowshoeing the next day when the travel woes would be solved, but most people were not available the next day.

Sunny proposed snowshoeing up a road at the end of Lithia Park, starting at the Fairy Ponds parking area. We all drove over to Lithia Park. Sunny snowshoed up the road, determined to maintain our original purpose, and others decided to walk  because the snow wasn't very deep. We encountered quite a few hikers, 2 skiers and many dogs.

Lithia Park was beautiful in the morning snow. We hiked almost up to the junction with the Wonder Trail, then turned around back to our cars. We covered about 3.2 miles.

Joe, Sunny, Mike and Mary went to lunch at the Oak Tree restaurant in Ashland. The long line of stranded big rigs on I-5 was dramatic and we talked to stranded motorists from Alaska inside the restaurant who were going to stay in Ashland until I-5 in California became passable.