Pederson Nordic Trail Snowshoe 12-21-22

Photos by Francie

Ashland Hiking Home

This morning 5 of us decided to get out on the winter solstice and snowshoe from the Pederson Sno-Park along the PCT to the South Brown Mountain Warming Shelter and Back. The weather was in the mid 30s and a bit dreary.

We could see that various people had broken trail on both skis and snowshoes so we didn't have to put in a lot of hard work.

It wasn't long before we were at the warming shelter where we took a long lunch. I shared some garlic flavored Trailbuster jerky from Taylor Sausage and some Sharffenberger chocolate. After lunch Nanci presented me with a beautiful card that was signed by many of the hikers and a very nice gift certificate to REI. I was very touched by all the kind words and the gift.

We headed out from the shelter and went to the road. At one point we turned left along a snowmobile road. When it split, we headed right when we should have gone left. It was okay because it took us back out to the road where it intersected with DIM. We then walked back to the car for .75 of a mile. We were back to our cars in Ashland by 2:30pm