Bunny Flat to the Sierra Club Cabin - Mt. Shasta Snowshoe 2-8-23

Photos by Francie

Ashland Hiking Home

Six of us gathered in Ashland to discuss if we should go to Mount Shasta with NOAA's forecast of 20 mph winds with gusts up to 30 mph. At Bob's urging, we decided to take our chances.

We arrived at Bunny Flat and I filled out a wilderness permit for the group. The temperature was around 38 degrees so we bundled up so we could stay warm. We saw a big lenticular cloud trying to form at the top of the mountain so we knew the winds were high up there.

We started up the Bunny Flat trail and then headed up along Avalanche Gulch. We were able to follow in the tracks of previous snowshoers so we didn't have to break trail. There were a few different tracks to follow, but all of them led up to Horse Camp

We arrived at Horse Camp to see that snow was up to the bottom of the roof and we were able to climb up on top of it. Bob climbed down where snow had been cleared and told us we could go inside for lunch. We went inside and enjoyed the picnic table and all the memorabilia and stories about the cabin. They still had the sign that celebrated the 100-year anniversary of the building of the cabin by the Sierra Club in 1922.

After lunch we exited the cabin and I took a broom and swept the snow out the door. I figured that if it melted and refroze, it would cause the floor to be a danger to others.

We headed back down to our cars with an amazing blue sky and very little wind. We started to question the NOAA reports.

We were back to Ashland a little after 3:00 pm.