Mt. Ashland Snowshoe 2-23-24

Photos by Kay

Ashland Hiking Home

Eight enthusiastic snow trekking enthusiasts took to Mt. Ashland Ski Area for our hike. Most used Yaktracs, quite adequate for the firmly groomed trail/road.  We headed to “Rabbit Ears” initially, but everyone took Kay up on her invitation to continue to the Summit or as far up as felt comfortable. We all  made it, albeit slowly.  Upon return down from the summit, we stopped at Rabbit Ears to perch on the rocks for lunch. It was a perfect day on the mountain:  Sunny skies, mild temperature, uninterrupted views, and no wind until we reached near the summit. It was a more strenuous trek than we do normally, but we made it.  Over 5.5 miles RT and 900’ elevation gain.

A new discovery for most of us was the prolific Rime Ice gracing the evergreen trees. Background direct from Wikipedia: 
Rime ice forms when supercooled water droplets freeze onto surfaces. In the atmosphere, there are three basic types of rime ice:

Soft and hard rime are less dense than clear ice and less adhesive, thus generally cause less damage. Glaze ice is similar in appearance to clear ice, however it is the result of a completely different process, occurring during freezing rain or drizzle.