Mt. Ashland Snowshoe 2-21-24

Photos by Francie and Linda

Ashland Hiking Home

On Wednesday February 21, 2024 we had seven people come out to snowshoe on Mount Ashland. After getting our gear together and snowshoes on, we headed out road NF-20. We knew that there was some blue sky that we could see on our drive up, but the clouds hid it most of the day. We had a little wind that made the crystal-like snow blow into our faces.

As we continued up the FS-300 road, there were times that visibility was only a few feet in front of us. The wind picked up and it gave us better visibility. We could actually see the sun through the clouds. As we made our way to the top, we could see that the cell tower, the Nexrad “soccer ball” and the Ariel chair lift were covered in ice.

We took cover away from the wind near the soccer ball to have our lunch. The sun came out and started melting the snow and ice and it started sliding off. We moved farther away to stay safe. Our trip back down was much faster and we were back to the cars a little after 1:30