Mt. Ashland Snowshoe 12-23-22

Photos by Kay

Ashland Hiking Home

In spite of the rainy weather and warming temperatures, five of us headed back up to Mt. Ashland to snowshoe on Road #20 again. Not surprising, it was a very different journey than last week.

It’s such a different experience to hike through rolling fog, channeling our attention on the trees, path and hillsides right in front of us, versus marveling at the distant views which were non-existent. Although we followed the same route as last week, the morning was entirely different until we reached our destination at the ‘rabbit ears’. 

The trek was 4 miles round trip, with an elevation gain of 400’.  The novelty of the day, really, was that our super organized Kay forgot her snowshoes. Being a dutiful partner hike leader, Elisabeth supplied her YakTraks, which worked perfectly well and perhaps even better for such a thin layer of fairly wet snow. The result?  Kay was so enamored with these trusty YakTraks, she headed straight for ACE Hardware to buy some. Highly advised equipment to have in our cars all winter long.