Friday Mod Group at Moon Prairie 3-15-24

Photos by Kay

Ashland Hiking Home

Eleven hikers eagerly came for this snowshoeing venture, all assuming it may be our last this season unless more snow is on the horizon, or if we have a snow day at Crater Lake.

It was a very sunny, bright blue-sky day that gradually warmed for layers coming off on our return journey. We were pleased to find the trail snow covered along with several inches of snow on the hill side and over the cattle guard. It was easy to navigate the few thin layers. Crunchy snow made our steps rather noisy. During pauses, however, we enjoyed the splendid quiet of the forest.

The snowmelt had opened streams that meandered down through the meadows, creating picture-perfect sights. Always a special treat on this trail is feasting on views of snow-covered Mt. McLoughlin across the meadows and between the rows of snowy evergreen trees. We climbed to the open forested area peppered with boulders and fallen trees suitable for sitting and enjoying lunch and conversation. On our return, we spotted fresh scat and think it likely was fox scat.

Our trek was 3.7 miles RT, with a net elevation gain of 120’.