Great Meadow to Lake of the Woods Snowshoe 4-5-23

Photos by Francie and Liz

Ashland Hiking Home

We had 8 hikers who went on a snowshoe from the Giant Meadow to Lake of the Woods. It was around 37 degrees when we started at 10:45am.

As we began our trek through the snow, it was soft and fluffy and some of the best conditions I have snowshoed in. We went on a road where snowmobilers had run a track and we were able to avoid the snow bombs. We took our group shot in front of Mount McLoughlin because you never know when the clouds will cover it up.

As we headed toward the lake, we ended up a little bit south and had to climb down a snowbank that the plow had made. We then walked along FS3704 and found the opening to head to the Aspen Point Day Use Area and Boat Launch.

We walked along the frozen lake edge until we could see the signs for the dock but it was buried in snow. I had just been there in January and the boat dock was still partially visible. We decided to walk up a bit from the lake to get out of the breeze for our lunch. We walked around and flattened the snow so we could all sit and enjoy our lunch. As we were enjoying a relaxing time in the snow, we heard and briefly saw a loud jet fly fast over our heads.

When we returned, we decided to walk through the Giant Meadow and follow the snowmobile tracks.

After the drive back to Medford, Liz, Leslie and I decided to try the ice cream at La Michoacana Plus Ice Cream Parlor. The chain store with more that 40 years of tradition in the ice cream business boasts more than 50 snow flavors and 100 popsicle flavors. They also serve various chip snacks. We decided we needed to keep going back to try as many flavors as we can. Liz and Leslie had Rum Raisin and I had a mango popsicle.