Photos by Elisabeth and Kay

Ashland Hiking Home

Spring has come to Ashland but we still found much snow at Lake of the Woods.  Nine of us strapped on snowshoes at the Great Meadows Sno-Park, off Highway #140 near the turn-off to DIM. 

The Wednesday Hiking Group snowshoe had just snowshoed at Great Meadows to Aspen Point, which inspired us to try the Great Meadows trails as well.   It was a brilliant sunny day with Mt. McLoughlin glimmering and all of the Great Meadows was ours. 

We trekked along a forest trail in the direction of the Resort.  The snow was crunchy and sticky at times and some found walking easier.  An eagle soared above, and we spotted two Canada geese and a few juncos.  We lunched looking out across the Great Meadow.  Mabrie shared chocolate treats from London as we savored the complete silence of the snow field.  

Our total distance was just over 3 miles.