East Side of Hyatt Lake Snowshoe 3-17-23

Photos by Elisabeth

Ashland Hiking Home

Our snowshoeing hike on the east side of Hyatt Lake was outstanding. Clear blue skies, warming temperature, heavy blanket of snow, beautiful scenes. Four of us took this special journey.

While the tracks found featured cross country skiers before us, there was a partial snowshoe track so we did a bit of trail blazing. Along the way, we observed occasional rabbit, bird, and either fox or coyote tracks. During our lunch stop, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with green shamrock-shaped cookies and pistachio chocolates, and an Irish blessing shared by Cynthia via friends in New Mexico:

May your day be blessed,
Your morning bright,
Your evenings filled
With fae and sprite,
May you dine on joy,
Feast on hope,
Bathe in the graceful
Light of Love.
From “Ramblings of the Claury”.

We’d covered about 3.5 miles (elevation estimate at 300’) over the rolling terrain of the forest road toward Wildcat Campground and back, including a side hike down nearer a camp area.