Mt. Ashland Snowshoe 3-1-23

Photos by Barry, Francie and Nanci

Ashland Hiking Home

We started by meeting at Rite Aid to decide where we should go. The weather looked good, so we thought snowshoeing at Mount Ashland would be a good idea. We passed the parking area for Bull Gap and the road was still clear so we headed up to the ski lodge and parked beyond it at the Grouse Gap sno-park.

As we began our trip it was around the mid 30° with sunshine and lots of new snow. FS 20 had not been groomed so it was a little difficult making our way in the snow towards the Grouse Gap warming shelter.  We took turns breaking trail and tried to keep the ground as even as possible by stepping in areas not yet flattened.

I want to give a big shout out to June. She had not snowshoed much before the start of this winter and had been borrowing my old snowshoes. Her kids bought her new ones and you should see her go. She took her turn at breaking trail and moved at a very fast pace. I would say she earned the most improved snowshoer award.

Due to the fact that there were times we were sinking in the snow up to our knees we decided to cut it short and stepped down an area so we could sit and enjoy the sun and our lunch. We took our time and then headed back to the cars. It was a beautiful day to be on the mountain.