Deadwood Snowshoe 2-17-23

Photos by Kay

Ashland Hiking Home

Nine avid snowshoers (including two relatively new to our group) showed up for a lovely sunny day heading up snow-covered Highway #37 off of Indian Memorial Road (DIM). We turned right after about a mile to continue alongside the Daley Creek Canal which delivers water to Howard Prairie Lake from where it flows down toward Ashland in the Howard Prairie Canal. The water then bypasses Emigrant Lake (via a siphon) and ends up in the TID canal on the west side of Ashland.

We arrived early enough to enjoy the fresh glistening snow. Elisabeth and Nancy took turns breaking trail. There were many fresh animal tracks crisscrossing the trail.  Since Nancy’s career included mountaineering and park service, she gave us the best guesses in identifying the animals, mostly rabbits and rodents.

We stopped for lunch at the Daley Creek Diversion Dam / Siphon that allows Beaver Dam Creek to flow under the canal, then returned the same way. We encountered a few XC skiers on our return. Our journey was about 4 miles round trip with a bit over 100’ elevation gain.