Crater Lake 4-28-23

Photos by Kay

Ashland Hiking Home

We can’t pass up an annual snowshoe trek at Crater Lake.  As often as we’ve done this, it feels fresh each time. The drive through the avenue of evergreens, winding climb, and rising snowbanks build anticipation for the jewel of Crater Lake and it’s mystical Wizard Island.

On this day, the sun illuminated a rich blue sky for full views of the contours and flora of the lake along with the peaks enjoyed on many AHG journeys over the years – Mt. Scott, Garfield Peak, Watchman’s tower. The temperature was around 64F. 

Wet and deep snow made an attempt to use YakTraks a sinking proposition, so everyone donned snowshoes. Our group of nine took our time to enjoy the views, identify birds, and get to know our new member Kathleen. We enjoyed lunch perched under trees overlooking the lake, as usual. Kay kindly took individual pictures for us to send to families and friends.

After our 3 mile RT snowshoe, some visited the Crater Lake gift shop, some stopped to see the Rogue Gorge (though ‘closed’), and some stopped for ice cream at Pink Phil’s.  BTW, all points along the Upper Rogue are closed as of this date.