Crater Lake Snowshoe 4-15-24

Photos by Jerry, Linda and Randy

Ashland Hiking Home

While people back in Jackson County were filing last-minute taxes, wondering how much of a Kicker they'd get from Oregon or just watching their garden grow; the Monday group was challenging the 20' snow base at Crater Lake.

At first, in Ashland, it looked like it might be a dreary day with thick low clouds covering the mountains. But the forecast for Crater Lake predicted decreasing clouds becoming mostly sunny. So we headed off from Rite Aid at 8:30 to allow for the 2-hour drive up to the lake.

We stopped across from Beckie's on the way up to borrow an extra National Park Pass from Gary so all cars could enter the park without paying the now $30 entrance fee. 🙏

We seemed to be adding more members along the way and when Eva and Ron joined us just after we'd climbed up the snow bank from parking our group topped out at 13. 👍

Once we all managed to attach our snowshoes we were off for our last snowshoe hike of the season. 😎

The clearing clouds offered great views around the lake as we headed towards Wizard Island. Clockwise we could see Watchman Overlook, Thielsen Peak rising over Diamond Lake about 20 miles beyond the rim, then Scott Mountain to the south, and finally Garfield Peak just beyond the Crater Lake Lodge. 😊

The snow base was hard-packed and for the most part, held our weight with or without adding snowshoes. 😏

The sun warmed the air into the 40s by lunch as we viewed Wizard Island and were joined by a loud Gray Jay (Canada Jay) who swooped down from his perch atop a pine to gobble up nuts tossed on the snow.

We started back after lunch having enjoyed our day at the lake.

We did 3 miles RT on the snowpack and gained 300 feet.

On the way back to Ashland we stopped at Beckie's for pie and coffee. 😊

It was another great day.