Buck Prairie I Snowshoe 1-23-23

Photos by Bob, Kate and Patricia

Ashland Hiking Home

We were shocked and saddened to learn on Monday morning of John K's sudden poor health incident and hope for his speeding recovery. When Big Joe informed us, we invited his members to join us at Buck Prairie. Three did join our group for a day of snowshoeing and our group of 12 expanded to 15.

The bright sun was out as predicted as we drove the 13 miles up DIM to the TH on the right. We were surprised to have the parking area to ourselves upon arrival. 

Our festive group off loaded and chatted while trying to figure out how to put on those snow shoes. It was our first snowshoe hike since before the Covid19 outbreak.

The morning temperature was in the 20s but  calm and cold was only noticed in the shade. The forecast promised to reach 40 by afternoon. 

We had 3 cross country skiers who led the way up the long snow packed road to the elevated prairie. On the way up the 2 mile road, we all stopped to take in the view of snow covered mountains to the east. Mt McLoughlin stood out as sunlight reflected off the snowy peak. Next to the right came Pelican Butte followed by Brown Mountain. In the distance to the left we could see Mt Thielsen with the peaks around Crater Lake's west rim to the right.

When the group gathered at the mapped sign post, the skiers decided to go left and ski down Nastasha's Web. The snowshoers opted to veer to the right and head for Bullwinkle's Run which would take us to Peabody's Outlook and a view of Ashland (Medford was still covered in fog). We had lunch there ( with just enough chocolate for 12).

After lunch we moved back to the trail sign and took Mr. Peabody's Wayback trail down through the forest following a series of blue diamond markers on the trees and an old snowshoe track back down to the main road and out to parking; where we met up with the skiers. It was 12:30 and we had gone 4.5 miles, so we called it a good day.

Eight of us gathered at RVR Company afterwards.

Take care John,