Upper Rogue Canyon- Highway 230 to Road 6530 - 8-24-22

Photos by Francie, Keeley and Leslie, Video by Francie

Track download from Keeley:  Upper Rogue Canyon 8-24-22.gpx

Ashland Hiking Home

Eight of us headed north to hike along the Upper Rogue River Canyon.  From the beginning we discussed 3 options ranging from an unknown quality trail to well defined trails.  The group decided to take the unknown.  We were mainly worried about tree downfall at about mile 4. 

As we were taking the shuttle car to the end point, two hikers saw a flock of Red Crossbills eating pine cones, which turned out to be a life bird for both.  Thus, it seemed we were starting out the day on a good note. 

The trail was in good shape with lots of 3 to 4 foot small lodgepole pine trees coming out of the ashes from the fire in the area.  As we

approached where we thought our biggest problem would be, we discovered that someone had been cutting a path through all the fallen trees.  We were excited to then proceed, feeling the worst was behind us.  We stopped at about the 5 mile mark and had lunch, even though we had not reached the “Rough and Ready” waterfall.  Feeling refreshed, we headed on down the trail and found our target waterfall.

That was as good as it got.  After that point we were climbing though, over and under fallen trees and overgrown bushes, hoping that we would get through the next ¼ mile and the trail would re-appear.  However, after over 2.5 hours we gave up and decided to climb out of the canyon (think ½ mile bushwhacking up a 45 degree slope) and hiked to the highway.  Then 3 volunteers hiked to the shuttle car which turned out to be 3.5 miles away. 

We were all covered from head to toe with dirt, soot from the burned logs and cuts/bruises.  However, everyone made it out without any serious injuries.  We stopped at Becky’s for refreshments and all were home by 7:30 PM. 

This hike will be in the “infamous hike category” and will rank right up there with the infamous Frog Pond/Cameron Meadows hikes. You can read about those hikes here: 2012 and 2014

Next week we will be looking for a hike with a proven hiking trail.