Upper Rogue - Union Creek to Natural Bridge 10-21-22

Photos by Kay and Kris

Ashland Hiking Home

Fall Colors on the Upper Rogue River!  We chose the right week to enjoy the splendor.  Our group of 16 started at Union Creek parking and walked through the campground out to the confluence of the Creek with the River. We continued down the trail along the River stopping often for photo ‘ops.’

Moving along narrow sections with brilliant red, orange and yellow leafed trees on either side and overhead evokes a certain calm in welcoming the Fall season. Open vistas across the river with colorful trees rising up and reflected below in calm waters evoke gratitude for nature’s art on display. 

This day added a planned ‘lunch meet up’ with the “Every Friday Group” in the clearing across the Bridge to Nowhere. Combined, we were 31 strong. After lunching, we introduced ourselves and John read a poem he wrote to honor our two AHG ‘clans’, with some of our history. Much appreciated!  Who knew that John is a poet too?!  Kris King recited by heart a delightful little poem she learned at age 6, a fun mind-bender with words opposite expected meanings. And, Mabrie Ormes recited by heart a short poem by E.E. Cummings.

Kay distributed chocolate covered cherries, and we were off to continue on the trail up the mountain side and down to Natural Bridge. Several hikers had not yet seen this wild, churning river that created a land bridge and a tunnel. We returned on the opposite side of the River, completing a “lollypop” trek back to our cars.  

All told, we covered 7.5 miles and an elevation gain of 490’.  Some of us stopped for ice cream at “Phil’s” on the way home.