Upper Rogue - South Fork - Lower TH 6-20-12

Beautiful day, high about 80 F.

Drive to the Lower TH was about 1:45, including a 10 minute in and out detour in Prospect. Roads all paved except for the final 4 miles on dirt Imnaha which is in fairly good condition except for a few places where they have brought in some coarse gravel to fill ruts. Final 1/2 mile on Road 690 is also good dirt but narrow with branches providing a dry car wash.

Since there were only the four of us, we decided to forgo the shuttle and do an up and back from the Lower TH. Trail is lightly used and generally fairly high above the river with only occasional leaky river views. We all agreed that it is not as interesting as the Upper Segment, just upriver. The highlights on this segment are the large trees; Sugar Pines and Doug Firs.

We found the trail to the Giant Sugar Pine but it petered out rather quickly. So instead of bushwhacking a 1/4 mile or so we decided to leave it on the bucket list for another day.

Stopped for lunch on the river just a bit further south from the Giant Sugar Pine turn.

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