Union Creek Trail 6-17-24

Photos by Jerry, Linda, Randy and Rich

Ashland Hiking Home

Monday was a special day, at least for two reasons. First, we were able to hike the length of the beautiful Union Creek Trail from the Resort off Highway 62 to the Union Creek Falls. Our thanks to the Forest Service for clearing the once impassable trail. Second, the surprise appearance of our friend, Joe Senter, who was able to join us on the hike for the first time this year. Welcome back, Joe!

Twelve hikers met at the Union Creek Resort parking and followed signs through cabins to the trail next to the full creek. We were immediately in a shady forest with lush vegetation, a theme for today's hike. The trail was mostly level as it followed the creek, and soft from a cover of pine needles, but full of raised roots from all the trees. Poles were recommended.

Green was the major color of the hike from the Evergreens to the thick spring plant life surrounding the trail to the creek reflecting all the green around it. Wildflowers sprung up through all the green to give a range of colors.

Union Creek was created by ancient lava flows which allow countless stair steps for cascading white water to pour over.
All the natural beauty around us inspired an energetic trek to the Union Creek Falls 4+ miles from the start. The Falls traverse the creek for about fifty feet with a spill of white water.

We had lunch in the warming sun sitting on the lava steps watching and listening to the roar of a horse-shaped fall.

Then it was time to head back through the high foliage of the fiddleneck ferns.

On this hike, we covered 8.5 miles RT with just 350' of gain.

We walked across Highway 62 for ice cream post-hike.

Happy Trails,