Squaw Valley Creek Trail 4-27-22

Photos by Francie, Keeley and Nanci

Track download from Keeley: Squaw Valley Creek Trail 4-27-22.gpx 

Seven of us headed south to hike the Squaw Valley Creek Trail which follows the Squaw Valley Creek to where it joins Beartrap Creek.  We then hiked back along the Beartrap Creek back to the cars.  The weather was perfect and the trail well maintained for the first 4 miles.  The creek had lots of water, which cascaded down a rocky path downhill.  The creek was mostly visible as we hiked downhill and there were many excellent viewpoints along the way.  Given the time of year there were many flowers out in bloom, so the flower people had a great time identifying along the way.  The last mile was not well maintained and we encountered a lot of poison oak.

After we crossed the creek, we decided to have lunch by the creek.  Then, given the timing (lunch was at 1 PM) and the poison oak, we decided to complete the loop by hiking back to the cars on the dirt road following Beartrap Creek.  We found a great bridge for a better lunch next time and noticed a lot of dogwood trees in bloom along the creek.  On the other hand, the road back was steep most of the way back, so we got our exercise after lunch. 

We decided it was a keeper but we would consider only hiking 4 miles down the creek next time (avoiding the poison oak) and find a viewpoint for lunch.  Then hike back on the same trail instead of hiking up an additional 400 feet and a mile shorter along the road.  Everyone enjoyed exploring a new hike for all of us.