Mill Creek Scenic Area 5-6-24

Photos by Patricia and Steve

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         Pearsony Falls 4-6-24

We challenged the forecast and headed off for another hiking adventure. The threatening forecast amounted to occasional spring showers followed by the sun breaking through the clouds. But the hiking adventure was a mind-blower to those new to this hike.

The Mill Creek Scenic Area is 42 miles up Highway 62 near the mountain community of Prospect. And visiting there this time of year offers breathtaking displays of nature at its best. As you descend into the forest you hear the roar of falls before you see them taking their dramatic plunges; 173 feet for Mill Creek Falls and 242 feet for Barr Creek Falls, into the Upper Rogue River. The falls are viewed from high points across the river from the falls.

After everyone got their photo ops we headed back through the woods to our next remarkable views. Along the way, we saw blooming white Dogwoods, purple Calypso Orchids, and white Trillium.

Next was the Avenue of Giant Boulders squeezing the rushing Rogue into white water rapids. Some climbed up on boulders for a better look at the descending river. More view spots were found downriver, where massive trees were wedged in the rocks like toothpicks.

Red Currant flowering shrubs overlooked the rushing river.

The site of the old electric power plant from 1911 was found positioned next to the rapids.

Those new to this hike were as excited as 10-year-olds to see the natural wonders in this place for the first time.

The Boulders finished part one of the hiking adventure and we headed back to our cars to drive across the white bridge to the next parking lot for a walk down to part two, Pearsony Falls.

Pearsony Falls is also on Mill Creek up the creek from Mill Creek Falls. Again the silence of the forest is broken by the sound of rushing water.

Heading down the trail, we come to the unique split falls called Pearsony. An island on the creek splits the falls as it cascades over the rocks. A mist spews off Pearsony as it falls. You can climb down to the water level for the best photos.

We still had one more sight to see before lunch. Continuing down the creek trail, we came to dramatic views from the top of the canyon wall at the plummeting Rogue below us. You could see the rushing rapids snaking through the countless boulders!

We found rocks to sit on for lunch and recounted the day's adventures while viewing the power of the Upper Rogue.

Happy Trails,