Frog Pond and Cameron Meadows 6-15-22

Photos by Francie and Keeley

Track download from Keeley: Frog Pond and Cameron Meadows 6-15-22.gpx 

Ashland Hiking Home

Eight of us headed out past Applegate and into California to hike up to Frog Pond, then over the pass and into Cameron Meadows for lunch.  Finally down that side of the hill to a waiting shuttle car.  The hike is only 6 miles long but includes over 2,000 vertical feet of climbing.  The trail was in good shape and we encountered almost no mud.  However, this trail is not the easiest to follow at times because there are not a lot of people using it currently.  Parts of the trail resemble a game trail.  The creek crossings were easy, so overall it turned out to be a great hike.

There was lots of discussion about the various flowers along the way up to Frog Pond. When we arrived at the pond there was a bear on the far end.  Although I thought it had heard us, it became obvious that was not the case.  Every one got a good look before he spotted us and left in a hurry.  Then we were off to Cameron Meadows for lunch.  The sun out and the scenery was spectacular.  After a relaxing lunch we headed across the meadow and down the hill to our shuttle car.

Everyone enjoyed the incredible scenery, learning how the plants changed at different points along the hike and being outside.