Old 99 to Pilot Rock 6-8-22

Photos by Keeley and Leslie

Track download from Keeley: Old 99 to Pilot Rock 6-8-22.gpx 

Ashland Hiking Home

Eleven of us headed south to climb up to Pilot Rock.  The sky was overcast and it had rained a bit the night before, so many of us in the front of the line got very wet from water still on the plants that had grown over the trail. The flowers were plentiful and diverse, so we all were being educated about the different flowers. 

We arrived at the base of Pilot Rock and decided lunch was first on the agenda.  In addition Steve W. (along with Maria) had come along to help several people who wanted to climb to the top.  Three, including Steve climbed to the top and had a great time enjoying the view from the top.  The two new climbers really enjoyed Steve‚Äôs helping instruction. 

The hike back to the car was uneventful and all had a good time being out and getting a good workout.