PCT- Mt. Ashland Ski Road to Grouse Gap 10-14-22

Photos by Kay

Ashland Hiking Home

Ten of us hiked one of AHG’s favorite journey’s, the PCT from Mt. Ashland Ski Road at MP7 to and through Grouse Gap. 

We stopped at a high point near the road to the Shelter, with some hikers proceeding on to the Shelter while others stayed to enjoy views and a very large red-tail hawk circling overhead, seeming very proud to show off her brilliant red tail. Depending on lunch spot, some covered 7 miles RT, others 7½ miles RT, for an elevation gain of 870’. 

The distant mountain views, as most often, were clear but for a ribbon of haze in the valley below Mt. Shasta. Remarks along the way included “this is such a peaceful trail,” “we see such amazing variety,” “even this late in the season, we see the occasional hardy wildflower,” and “oh, how we have come to appreciate the simple sound of streams, even now when just a trickle.”

And, we marveled at the quaking and shimmering of the Aspens as we approached and passed through the large grove not far from our lunch destinations. Over the past 3-5 years, these Aspen trees appeared ‘sickly’ and thin. This year, they appear to be flourishing and gave all of us their showy welcome. This was a splendid hike.