Soda Mountain and Little Pilot Peak 9-19-22

Photos by Bob

Ashland Hiking Home

The weather improved during the hike and we made good time going up to Soda Mountain. There we were hit by a chill wind and decided to retreat. We headed south on the PCT and found a nice meadow for lunch.

The PCT had many hikers doubling back to cover the sections they missed because of the earlier fires. There also were hikers doing shorter stretches and one who started in Canada. One had the trail name Willie Nelson due the resemblance, including pigtails.They all seemed to be extremely fit and having a good time. 

We welcomed Sunny back from Borneo and she managed to meet another Borneo traveler on the PCT. We skedaddled as it was turning into a discussion of the entire Far East. 

After the hike we did wine and cheese at Kerr Manor. Very civilized.

Note for leaders: Soda Mountain Road has been rehabbed with lots of grading and new gravel. Not a pothole to be found.