Soda Mountain Road to Little Pilot Peak 6-28-24

Photos by Tysen

Ashland Hiking Home

What a glorious day for our hike on the PCT at Soda Mountain to reach the magnificent panorama views at Little Pilot Peak. A robust group of 21 hikers assembled for this journey, including two new to our group and our Flower Floozie Liz. Not a cloud in the sky, showing off a warm sun and outline of the moon.

Wide array of wildflowers in their glory, among them Indian Paintbrush, Columbine, Jacobs Ladder, Soloman’s Seal, Paintbrush, Scarlet Gilia, Delphinium Larkspur, Ookow, Wild onion, Candy Flower, Trillium, and others). We enjoyed the variety of bird calls, the walk through the forest, and opening views toward Mt. Ashland.

Elisabeth missed the obscure turnoff trail for a short distance, realizing after we climbed over a large downed log that it didn’t look familiar. So, turned around and found the trail easily to climb up the hill into and through the brushy trees and bushes to reach the rocky Little Pilot Peak. With crystal blue skies, our views of Mt. McLoughlin, Mt. Ashland, Pilot Rock, Mt. Eddy, Black Butte, and Mt. Shasta were a vivid as we’ve ever witnessed. We settled down for conversation and lunch, and of course, chocolate. After an extended stay and rest, we returned the same way. Our hike amounted to 5.2 miles with 700’ elevation gain.