Hyatt Lake to Little Hyatt Reservoir 9-23-22

Photos by Rich

Ashland Hiking Home

On an absolutely gorgeous Fall day, I had the privilege of leading the Friday Moderate Group. Since both Elisabeth and Kay were out of town, they asked if I would lead the FMG. I agreed, giving me three group hikes in one week for the first time. Whew!

We gathered early at Rite Aid and I started making a list of the hikers. Many whom I was meeting for the first time, and one was new to the AHG so she signed the waiver.

Our hike destination was Little Hyatt Reservoir, and all ten of us arrived shortly after 9:00 AM. We had the PCT to ourselves through the woods, except for a couple of scampering deer.

The late season flora provided some color, as we spotted some purple Aster, white Snowberries and Oregon Grape.

The sun felt good as we broke into the meadow heading down to the lake after our trek through the forest.

Passing over the bridge in front of the dam, we met a young Through Hiker who was making up miles of trail that were closed during the recent wildfires.

We made it to a usual lunch spot atop the basalt postpiles, but since it was just 10:30 the group decided to press on and explore around the lake.

The trail which was clear at first became sketchy as we continued up past the marshland at the far side of the lake. We took a break by a giant downed tree and had lunch and chocolate. We finished our bushwhacking through high grass and shrubs with a creek crossing using stepping stones and sharing sticks and poles until everyone was across. After that adventure, the trail back to the cars was easy.

I found the FMod group delightful and enthusiastic about exploring the outdoors!

On the day we covered 5.3 miles.

Nice to meet new hiking friends,