Hyatt Lake to Hyatt Reservoir on the PCT 9-26-22

Photos by Bob

Ashland Hiking Home

We started the hike from the PCT crossing on the road to Little Hyatt. Then we hiked to the Lake and completed the loop on the way back. We met a number of PCT hikers backtracking to make up for the fires. We asked one hiker what his trail name was and he said Camino. He said he had done 5 caminos. Another hiker was incredibly tall and skinny and was called Daddy Long Legs.

We continued to employ trail names and had Rattler, Roadrunner, Twinkletoes. Yoda, and Grumpypants on the hike. Two new names were accorded, Shutterman and Chuckles. 

We escaped the heat in the Valley but it was warm on the last section. Fortunately a nice breeze came up. A good hike on a sunny day. 

We retired to wine and cheese after the hike.