PCT from Greensprings Summit to Hobart Bluff 5-17-23

Photos by Francie

Ashland Hiking Home

Today we had 11 people hike along the PCT from the Greensprings Summit to Hobart Bluff. We had an early start due to the fact that the weather was predicted to be very warm. It was already in the mid 60s by the time we got to the trailhead.

We started along and in no time needed to stop for a wardrobe change as the temperature was rising. We were glad to have most of the climb in the shade of trees. We could see snow queens blooming along the way. At one point, we reached a patch of snow that covered the trail with a steep drop off on one side. I gave my microspikes to a hiker to make sure there was no slipping and the crossing was safe. The next snow patch was easier and on level ground.

We continued up to a big open area and saw Shooting Stars and Grass Widow flowers. As we went farther along, we encountered a little more snow, but it was easy to walk through. There were lots of downed trees that were easy to maneuver around as we climbed through the forest.

When we came to the last stretch of the PCT before the turn to Hobart Bluff, we had wonderful views towards Klamath Falls. We saw some Yellow Fritillary and also some Steerhead wildflowers. I had not seen them except on Ash Creek Butte which is located on the east side of Mt. Shasta. I sent a photo of them to Liz and she said she had not seen them before. Nanci guessed that they were part of the same family as Bleeding Hearts and she is correct.

We turned to go up the trail to Hobart Bluff. I was surprised to see that the Arrowleaf BalsamRoot were just starting to bloom. Normally this time of year, the whole mountainside is colored in yellow blooms. We also had views of Mt. McLoughlin.

We enjoyed our very early lunch at the top with views of Emigrant Lake, Mt Ashland, Mt. Shasta and Pilot Rock. After lunch we headed back to our cars and to Ashland where some of us enjoyed a beer at Caldera. Nanci messaged Keeley and had him join us. We also ran into Mike Sanson. A good day was had by all.