Hobart Bluff but No Little Pilot Peak...Too Much Snow

Photos by Jerry, Kay, Patricia and Randy

Ten hikers gathered at Rite Aid, including a new member from Jacksonville, for a Spring flower hike in the Greensprings. But Mother Nature had another idea. As we turned onto Soda Mountain Road we soon noticed patches of snow along the sides. Then as we continued the snow covered the road but we were able to follow the muddy tracks to  the PCT on either side.

Our plan had been to hike up the hill to Little Pilot Peak, but it was totally covered in snow including the trail. So our only choice was to take the still visible PCT to Hobart  Bluff. That worked out pretty well although we had to deal with long patches of snow and mud and running water from melting snow.

We made it up to the top of the Bluff where Spring had returned and enjoyed a long and early lunch, with no snow on top.

We had good views of McLoughlin, Ashland and Pilot Rock but Shasta was mostly covered in clouds.

Up on top we were very pleased to find some special Spring flowers: Yellow Bell Fritillary, White Penny Cress,  White Klamath Lily, and Lavender Phlox.

It was an abbreviated hike due to the Spring snow, but we should be able to make up the hike to Little Pilot Peak when the warm weather returns and the late snow melts.

Happy Trails,