Bocard Point 10-19-22

Photos by Francie and Keeley

Track download from Keeley: Bocard Point 10-19-22.gpx 

Ashland Hiking Home

Eight of us headed up Greensprings to hike to Boccard Pont.  The weather was perfect and we were all excited to be outdoors.  Every hike leader has a different shortcut to drop down from the PCT to the parallel trail below leading to Boccard Point.  The one I decided to take was probably not the best, but everyone made it and we were then off to Boccard Point.  The grass was very tall this time of year and no flowers anywhere. 

Lunch was in the sun but it was comfortable weather.  However, the views were a bit smoky, but we still took a “Maria” lunch and enjoyed the views, plus each other’s company.  Finally we headed back home, again trying to find the best place to bushwhack up to the PCT trail.  We did OK, but we will continue to look for a better shortcut.  I think everyone had a good day.  We might consider doing this hike in the spring when there are lots of flowers.