Little Pilot Rock & Boccard Point 5-8-24

Photos by Francie

Ashland Hiking Home

We had 11 people come out to hike to Little Pilot Peak and Boccard Point. After the storm over the weekend, we ended up having some snow to hike through. We started a little after 10 AM and headed towards Little Pilot Peak. At one point, I lost the trail and had to reconnect after others could see a diamond on one of the trees. There were some downed trees but we easily made our way around them.

After about 0.8 mile, we turned and headed up to the top of Little Pilot Peak. We took in views of Emigrant Lake, Soda Mountain, Mt McLoughlin, Mt Ashland, and Pilot Rock. We took a quick snack break and then headed back to the cars.

After returning to the cars, we headed up the Boccard Point Trail. There were many places where the snow was deep enough that we postholed a little over our ankles. There were also some slippery muddy spots, but we pushed on. We reached the top of Boccard Point and enjoyed our lunches. We once again enjoyed chocolate provided by Michael B.

After lunch, we only had 2 miles to return to our cars around 2:30p,m. We had hiked 6.12 miles and climbed 1,203 feet of elevation.