Porcupine Lake 9-28-22

Photos by Francie and Jerry

Track download from Jerry: Porcupine Lake 9-28-22.gpx 

Ashland Hiking Home

Eight of us headed south to hike along the PCT starting at Picayune Summit. We were greeted with a beautiful rainbow when we first arrived. Unsure of what kind of weather we would have, we were all prepared for rain.

As we made our way northward our first view of Mount Shasta was shrouded with clouds. We then came to White Ridge Spring. This is a spot that PCT through hikers can filter and resupply their water. We also noted some Darlingtonia Californica plants. There were 3 or 4 places along the trail that we could see them growing.

We made the turn to go to Porcupine Lake and enjoy the sun and our lunches. Afterwards, we headed back to the PCT and went north a little farther so we could look down on Toad Lake. Mount Shasta was still covered in clouds. We headed back to the spot where you turn for Porcupine Lake and we noticed that we had very good views of the Castle Crags and could also see all the way to Lassen Peak.

We continued south towards our cars and had another amazing view of Mount Shasta (when isn't it amazing?) This time almost all of the clouds had lifted. We then continued back to our cars and were never rained on.