PCT - Parks Creek TH to Cement Bluff 10-7-22

Photos by John

Ashland Hiking Home

The weather was perfect, and 9 of us made the best use of it. 

The trail was in excellent shape and we did the hike in good time, all 9+ miles of it. With clear skies we had excellent views of Mount Eddy. Hikers were surprised to see how close Cement Bluff is to the Park TH across the void. I took elevation readings and the Bluff is at 6,650', with Park TH closer to 6,800'. 

Rattler was rattling on. Dragon Fly was stepping out. Twinkletoes was shadowing my every move. For some odd reason Old Grumpypants wanted a name change to The Sweep, which was  accorded. For the record, Sir Lostalot is now known as Mad Mike. 

For temporary use, one of our hikers will be known as Fire Pro. I will let you guess who.

We were delighted to have John Engelhardt back after his argument with a heart surgeon. He was in good form, and nothing like 9 miles to impress your cardiologist. 

On the way home we stopped for refreshments at Jefferson Roadhouse.