Brown Mountain Shelter from DIM 7-28-23

Photos by Kay and Tyson

Ashland Hiking Home

Eleven moderate hikers drove up Indian Memorial Road (DIM) to the PCT crossing near MP27.  We hiked to the Brown Mountain Shelter via the Pederson trail portion of the PCT, turning left after goggling over the fun sign noting the distance north and south, to the Canadian and Mexico borders, respectively. 

We gathered for snacks or lunch with a happy and friendly bunch of young PCT through hikers, some from Australia. As they got fresh water, had something to eat (sharing in our chocolate), and reorganized things, we learned about their journey and some of our group learned about the gear they were using. It's always a treat to have a chance to meet up with the PCT through hikers. In this case, we were fortunate to get a group photo with them.

The flora in this forest is so beautiful, and we saw a variety of lovely wildflowers.  Among them were Prince’s pine, Scouler harebell, Oregon sunshine and twinflower.

We covered 4 miles round trip, with 400’ elevation gain. We welcomed a new hiker with our group, enjoying getting to know him and learning about his volunteer service with Search and Rescue.

Tysen and Kay took some fabulous photos along the way, and with our PCT companions at the shelter. Several of us commented on what a well-maintained and equipped shelter it is. We returned to our cars by noon so the many participating in OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) or interested in doing so were able to attend OLLI’s annual open house at SOU.