PCT Across Brown Mountain 6-27-22

Photos by Bob

Ashland Hiking Home

We again hit perfect weather for the hike. There was a bit of deadfall but nothing that mattered. Flowers were plentiful and the thimble berries were coming out. 

As we hiked over to the PCT we crossed the roaring Cascade Canal which was running full as they were letting lots of water get down to Fish Lake. 

The lava fields were a good experience for new hikers and we did about 3 1/2 miles each way. 

On the way back we met a PCT hiker from North Carolina. He told us there were lots of Europeans on the trail this year. It was 12:30  and he had done 12 miles. I judged his speed at about 3 1/2 MPH. Tall, lean and fit. 

After the hike we retreated to Kerr Manor for wine and cheese.