Union Peak 7-27-22

Photos by Francie, Jerry and Keeley

Track download from Keeley: Union Peak 7-27-22.gpx

Ashland Hiking Home

Six of us headed towards Crater Lake to hike to the top of Union Peak. The route follows part of the PCT, then heads further west and up to the top.  It is a steep hike for the last mile, but otherwise is relatively level.  We started under clear skies and 74 degree weather, which was 85 degrees and big clouds forming fast by the end of the hike.

We passed 11 PCT hikers with many of them from Germany that had started at the Mexico/US border.  The PCT hike is 2,650 miles long and the through hikers tend to average at least 25 miles a day.  We hiked 10 miles Wednesday and were exhausted.  It is really impressive to meet these folks and watch them pass us with ease. 

There was still some snow patches along the way but very few mosquitoes this time.  The main challenge was the heat, especially when we were exposed to the sun.  Hydration and taking breaks in the shade were important.  Everyone made it to the top for lunch and we were all glad to head back to Phil’s Frosty in Shady Cove for ice cream at the end of the day.