Upper Table Rock 4-18-22

Photos by Jerry and Rich

Track download from Jerry: Upper Table Rock 4-18-22.gpx

Our carload of four met Jerry at the TH parking for Upper Table Rock.  We all brought rain gear so... yes  it didn't  rain!

We had mild weather under grey skies as we started up the trail to the top of the mesa. Bright colors from Spring flowers led the way up.

When we got to the top we did find some vernal pools from the recent rains with plenty of unique flowers growing in and around the pools. Perhaps the most unique flowers are the Dwarf Woolly Meadowfoams that are only found on Upper and Lower Table Rocks (click on the flower name for more information).
As we hiked up the trail and across the top Jerry snapped pictures of the day's flowers which are in order of posting:

Blue Camas, Hound's Tongue, Blue-eyed Mary or Shirts and Skirts, Blue Dicks (in high grass), Buttercup and Gold Field, ArrowLeaf Balsamroot, and Fritillary.

We used the tower of the VORTAC plane guidance station as our landmark as we made our way across the mesa to our lunch spot off Pumice Ln.

At lunch, I found a strange marker in the rocks. It was a slab of cement with symbols embedded; various fish, a Duck's head, a lantern and some reading glasses. In the center was a plate with some writing I couldn't read. But later I was able to zoom in on my iPhone photo and discovered the slab was a memorial to a man who loved the outdoors.

On the day we hiked 8.5 miles with a gain of about 530'.

More happy trails next week as we drive up to the Greensprings.