Lower Table Rock + Upper Table Rock 3-8-23

Photos by Francie and Liz

Ashland Hiking Home

Due to unknown weather, we decided to hike both Lower and Upper Tablerocks. When we arrived at the Lower Tablerock trailhead it was 35° and we could see that there was snow on the trees and along the trail in places. As the Medford area hikers waited for the Ashland hikers, we were greeted by Ryk who used to hike with our group. 

We started with 12 hikers and as we started up the trail we took notice of the future flowers that would soon be seen blooming along the trail. There were low clouds so our views were limited to what was right in front of us. We discussed that the Lower Tablerock trail was a little bit longer than the Upper Tablerock trail, but the incline was more gradual.

We got to the top of Lower Tablerock and made our way across the top and the clouds were still low and the ground had snow and frost.. By the time we got to the other side, the clouds had lifted and we had some views. We turned around and headed back down the way we came to our cars.

We got in our cars and drove over to the Upper Tablerock parking lot and had our lunch on the benches at the start of the trail. After lunch, we hiked up to the top of Upper Tablerock and saw a helicopter that looked like it is used for logging. We walked along the top and Eva spotted a Grass Widow flower just starting to bloom. I was able to find another one and take a picture. They are some of the first flowers to be seen blooming.

I walked over to take a picture of a lone snag that has been on top for as long as I remember hiking up there. I was later told that if we had gone a little farther, there were some yellow flowers blooming.

We headed back to the trail and took our group photo. By that time Eva and her friend Ron had to get on to other obligations so we only have 10 hikers in the group photo. On our way back to the cars, we ran into Jim Wayman who used to hike with our group. It was good to see him.