Roxy Ann 6-6-22

Photos by Jerry, Randy and Rich

Ashland Hiking Home

Three met five more at the tip top parking lot on Roxy Ann Peak Monday. The lot we used last year was closed for grading, so we started higher up on the peak.

The day was pleasant ranging from the high 50s to near 70.

So as we hiked up the closed service road from parking there were stops for wardrobe adjustments, water, sightseeing, or to just catch your breath during the steady climb up to the summit. And, as the clouds cleared away, many stopped to don hats or apply sunscreenâ˜ș.

Spring flowers adorned the hike up as we saw Blue Camas, Rosy Plectritis, Red Clover, yellow Western Buttercups, reddish orange Columbine and Indian Paintbrush, and even some white Death Camus (poisonous)😒.

As the road wound clockwise up the mountain we hiked out to lookouts to the north, east, and south; we could see McLoughlin revealed through lifting clouds, the saddle of Crater Lake, and the sharp peak of Thielsen east of Diamond Lake. We looked for Mt. Ashland but it was totally covered in clouds.

When we got to the top we found we shared the space with two large communication towers. We looked for the online cam (G3 Bullet cam) that shows views of the valley at But the camera is too small and too high on the tower to see.

We had an impromptu lunch at the north lookout since we found a new picnic table there; and the group seemed eager to break open a new bar of coffee buzz chocolate😀!

As the sun rose higher more people joined the hike up the peak; including a young mom who was running as she pushed a double wide stroller with two kids up the road🙌!

We completed our circuit of Roxy Ann and were back at the cars by 1 P.M., so we decided to head down Hillcrest Street to Roxy Ann Winery for post hike refreshments.

Today's hike was just over 5+ miles and about 1,000' of gain😊.

It was a lovely day enjoyed by all.