Monday Group Does Roxy Ann 4-22-24

Photos by Linda and Randy

Ashland Hiking Home

15 hikers met at the top parking lot on Roxy Ann Peak for a hike up to the summit. It was a beautiful spring day with views of the Rogue Valley and the surrounding mountains.

We headed up the gated dirt road to start the 1,000' gain to the top. The road had dried from previous rains and the group was in good spirits as we continued up.

The color was provided by spring wildflowers just off the road.

About 30 minutes into the hike we decided to take the Ponderosa Trail off the road for a gentler incline to the top. New fine gravel had been laid on the trail, and we took its switchbacks up to the summit.

On this calm mild day, we headed across the top of the summit past the two communication towers to an old picnic table then out to the north-facing overlook. There we got our group picture sitting on various big rocks. And had a snack, since it was only 10:30.

Then we hiked back across the summit to the lookout facing south with a great view of Mt McLoughlin. This lookout is raised up on a rocky outcropping and in one of the crevices heading back down the steps we met a Rattlesnake with her rattle shaking! After we got over being startled, we learned why she was warning us to stay away. She had her offspring with her in the rocks.

We took the road back down, but stopped at one more lookout to get an aerial view of Agate Lake.

We saw six young deers run across the road in front of us, And our nature photographer was thrilled to meet two women on horseback that she walked back to parking with.

Some of us planned to go to Roxy Ann Winery post-hike but they were closed for remodeling, we went down into Medford and stopped at Common Block Brewery for outdoor refreshments under their big tent.

Our hike up and down the Peak was just under 5 miles.

Happy Trails,