Rogue Rock Gym 8-23-23

Photos by Francie

Ashland Hiking Home

On August 23rd Leslie, Sherry and I decided to not let the smoke stop us from getting out and getting in some exercise. We met at 9:15am at the Rogue Rock Gym in Phoenix, OR. The cost was $20 for use of their facilities for the entire day. They have a gym with weights, treadmills, rowers, bikes, a punching bag and various machines for weight lifting exercises. But the reason we went was to climb the rock walls. Since this was our first time to visit, they did not charge us to rent the harnesses or climbing shoes. Normal prices: Shoes: $4 Harness: $2 Chalk: $2 Belay Device: $2 Rental Package: $6.

We started on the big rock wall with the harnesses. Leslie and Sherry took to this fast. Both of them reached the top. The hardest part was letting go and letting the rope and harness slowly lower you back to the floor. I tried on a harder route and was not very successful. I decided to go climb on the shorter walls so I could boulder without the harness. This was my favorite. Leslie and Sherry came over and did some bouldering too. I eventually went back to the big wall and was able to climb the easier route but still preferred the bouldering. We also had great entertainment watching a little 7 year old girl climb up with no fear. She was really excited to be there. We decided to give tight rope walking a try. This was a bit harder to do and we didn't stay on for long. I eventually was able to get 6 steps in. I attribute that to my days of working out on the balance beam as a gymnast when I was younger.