Pompadour Bluff with the Southern Oregon Land Conservancy 5-10-22

Photos by Bob, Jerry and Rich

Track download from Jerry: Pompadour Bluff 5-10-22.gpx

The weather gods smiled on us as a group of 13 AHG folks gathered at Rite Aide prepared to enjoy a guided tour of the 55 acre Pompadour property, hosted by the new owners of that property, the Southern Oregon Land Conservancy.  It turned out that the last drops of rain for the day had fallen while we were in the parking lot.

We drove through a couple of gates that needed to be unlocked by our guide for the day, Kristie Mergenthaler, SOLC’s Stewardship Director and wildflower whiz.  Our exploration of the property was entirely off trail, since there were no trails.  We had been tipped off to wear rubber boots/shoes which made it a comfortable though fairly steep hike up to the top of Pompadour.  The sun had come out, the clouds turned white, and what we saw was magical.

When you look at Pompadour from Ashland it kind of fades into the greenness of the landscape surrounding it, as well as blending in with other small hills on either side of it.  When you are standing on top of it, it feels like an ancient throne on a very big, somewhat scary piece of uneven rock where you would expect whoever was in charge of things in the valley to hang out.  The full view of our valley was better and longer than from any other location I have seen.  I think because we were so close to it but still quite a bit higher.  And with no trees in the way.

I’m looking forward to driving around Ashland and looking up from the many places Pompadour can be seen from and seeing the Pomp from a whole different perspective.  Kristie indicated a willingness to host another trip in the fall for AHGers that weren’t on this one.  Either this year or next I would like to have all our members who are interested to have a chance to do this one.

Also, please note that there are other ways to see this property that will occasionally be posted on the Conservancy’s website at https://www.landconserve.org.  As I recall, they tell you the first day, and time of day that folks can sign up for an event.  I would imagine that this one would sell out almost immediately.