Deadfall Lakes to Mt. Eddy 7-31-23

Photos by Jerry, Linda, Randy and Rich

Ashland Hiking Home

Monday was a glorious day for hiking with clear skies, mild temps and an occasional refreshing breeze.

Sixteen hikers set out from Ashland at 8:00 AM for our annual hike along the PCT to the Deadfall Lakes and Mt Eddy. We arrived just past 9:30 and we're soon on the trail for today's hiking adventure.

We met several kindred spirits along the way including Through Hikers, dog walkers and college age hikers out on day hikes.

The color from wildflowers along the trail and around Upper Deadfall Lake (7800') was exceptional; including the unique yellow Mt Eddy Lupine, endemic to the area of today's hike. Also special were the orange Leopard Lily, white Bog Orchids and Cobra Lilies (Darlintonia) seen near the road heading up and in the vast meadow between Lower and Middle Deadfall Lakes.

Our large group had many adventures, first Geo Bob headed off to explore the PCT around Lower Deadfall Lake and Patricia went in the lake for a cool dip, she later refreshed in Middle Deadfall Lake. The mountain climbing group splintered with Alison discovering a hidden lake from Eddy's saddle, and Liz climbing a rocky outcropping after a nap by the Upper lake and Sunny heading west from the saddle to climb her own personal rocky peak.

But the true stars of today's hiking adventure were the 8 members who made it to the top of Mt Eddy at 9,037'!

Besides those six pictured, congratulations also to Tony and Mike! They had great views of Mt Shasta and surrounding peaks! On this day, the hike to Upper Deadfall Lake was 9.3 miles RT and 1,200' of gain; and the hike to Mt Eddy summit was 10.4 miles and 2,400' of gain.

Note: The old lookout on Mt Eddy is now just scattered lumber but back in the early decades of the 20th century it was the highest lookout in California and called out many early smoke sightings. Strong winds and lightning strikes finally finished the Lookout for good in 1931.

Note: The August hike schedule is posted and next Monday we'll hike up Garfield Peak for great views of Crater Lake.

Happy Trails,


PS- For those who recently hiked to the Puck Lakes, count yourselves lucky as the Fremont-Winema National Forest has been closed due to dry conditions and high threat of fire.

Track: MtEddy_7-31-23.gpx