McDonald Peak 7-21-23

Photos by Kay and Mary

Ashland Hiking Home

Six of us - Kay, Kate, Galene, David, Nancy and I - escaped the valley smoke Friday morning, heading up the rocky but colorful flower-filled trail from FS Road 20 to McDonald Peak.  It is only a 2-mile one-way hike, but there are SO many flowers to identify, it was wonderfully slow on the way up, especially with so much floral knowledge among the group.

The weather was cool at the beginning, but we were grateful for the bits of shade we encountered as the morning progressed.  We made it to the top and sat on the rocks admiring the view for awhile with butterflies fluttering all around us. Then we headed back down the trail for a shady lunch among the DOZEN blooming monument plants.

We saw at least 50 species of flowering plants and shrubs, too many to name all of them, but you can check out the attached updated wildflower list below.

Respectfully submitted, Your Flower Floozy Liz 

Mt MacDonald 072123