Kerby Peak 6-12-24

Photos by Francie

Ashland Hiking Home

We had 6 hikers come out to hike Kerby Peak with warm temperatures predicted. This was Scott's first time up Kerby Peak and I didn't lie when I told him it goes up in earnest right from the start. I took the opportunity to take photos of many wildflowers to give us all a break.

After going 1.5 miles and gaining around 1,500 feet of gain, we took our packs off, had snacks and looked at the view from the rock pathway. We were saddened to see so much clear cutting.

We continued on along the trail and tried guessing at the various mountains with snow on them. Mount McLoughlin was obvious. We also took a short break where the Brewer's Spruce grows.

After reaching the top, we had a nice relaxing lunch and enjoyed the sunshine. We then took our time descending as parts of the rocky trail can be quite slippery.

We returned to our cars and the temperature was in the 80s. We had hiked 6.65 miles and gained around 2,550 feet of gain.