Grizzly Peak + Lost Crek Falls 5-25-22

Photos by Francie and Keeley, Tracks by Francie

Six of us headed up DIM to hike up and around Grizzly Peak.  The trail was in great shape and there were only a few mud puddles, which is good for this time of year.  We stopped at the viewpoint rocks on top for a short snack.  There were many flowers along the trail and one thing stood out to me – they all were in perfect condition.  The leaves were all bright green, the petals were in perfect shape.  There was no frost or damage of any kind on the flowers along the trail.  There were Glacier Lilies and Trilliums everywhere.  Many more so check out some of the photos below.

Then we headed down to drive to our second hike – Lost Creek Falls.  We stopped by the creek to have lunch, then headed farther down to the falls, which was flowing nicely.  Much to our surprise, we noticed a cable had been stretched from the falls to a tree, maybe 120 feet across the canyon.  Then we noticed someone started walking on the cable, which was easily 80 feet above the canyon below.  You had to see it to believe it. 

Turns out they had brought the cable and all the associated equipment just to walk and film the act.  There was a drone flying for part of the action, but it suddenly dropped out of the sky and almost hit Bob (Francie and Bob had decided to hike to the bottom of the canyon for extra credit).  Thus, we had some great entertainment while enjoying the view of the falls. 

It was a great day to be out and about.