Grizzly Peak 8-19-22

Photos by Kay and Valerie

Ashland Hiking Home

It was a little smoky in Ashland as six of us headed to Grizzly Peak for cooler temperatures. 

The Grizzly Peak trail is known for the 6’ tall, tower-delphiniums that thrive in July.  We were pleased to see them still blooming in August.  There were also prominent stands of bright red baneberry, beautiful but toxic.   As we climbed higher, we started to see more and more blooming tower delphiniums along with yellow groundsel, Oregon sunshine and owl clover. 

We stopped to take in the smoky view from the top of the rocky viewpoint where we could make out Ashland and Mt. Ashland, but not much further.  As we hiked around the loop towards the viewpoint for Medford, we were surprised by four rare Lewis woodpeckers (green and rose) flying by. 

We had lunch on a shady viewpoint among the pines.  As we completed the trail loop, we spotted multiple butterflies on the flowers including fritillary, skippers, and wood nymphs. It was a great summer hike with hiking friends on Grizzly Peak.  Distance: 5½ miles; elevation gain: 1,200 feet.