Cathedral Hills 4-29-22

Lady Luck had us finding a window in the weather and we arrived at the Espey TH on a perfect hiking day. As usual we hiked the outer perimeter of the trail system to get in  almost 7 miles and 1200 feet of ascent. The parking lot is crowded on Fridays but we only met people from time to time and one lady took our picture for us. It was good to see the trails so well used by the locals of Grants Pass, all of whom are very friendly. 

Joe Senter showed his gallant side by retrieving a pole dropped by a female member of the group. She had chosen a very steep slope laced with poison oak. I was glad he made it because retrieving him from the bottom would have proven a monumental task. He was accorded extra credit. 

There were lots of flowers along the way but not much in the way of new varietals from last time. The views were changed because the oaks were now full of new leaves in fresh spring green. The side trails are often named after stands of trees like ponderosas and madronnes. A huge effort had been made recently to clean out the forest, with fresh cut logs all over the place. It looked like some new side trails were being prepared. On the loop side trail there is a stretch of manzanitas that forms arches over the trail. 

After the hike, most of us dropped by the Schultz Winery for refreshments.