Cathedral Hills 2-28-24

Photos by Francie

Ashland Hiking Home

we had 8 hikers come out to hike in Grants Pass at Cathedral Hills. We arrived at the Sky Crest trailhead and started out hiking on the Madrone Trail. We immediately saw many Warrior's Plume ~ Pedicularis densiflora in bloom. There were also some Grass Widow, Hounds Tongue and Western Buttercup. There were also some interesting mushrooms and lichen to see.

We then connected to the Timberline Trail, The Outback Loop, Ponderosa Pine Loop and back to the Outback Loop. When we reached the Espey trailhead, I joked that I had reserved a table for 8. We had our lunch at the picnic table that perfectly seats 8 people. Barry shared some wonderful Riche Patagonia chocolate from his trip to South America.

After lunch, we went on the Backside Loop, to Lower Hogback, Cloverlawn Loop, Hogback, Outback and finished on the Sky Crest Trail. We also saw a few flowers that looked like Warrior's Plume, but were yellow in color. There were also some flowers that I believe were Milkmaids ~ Cardimine californica. The rain held off until the last quarter of a mile and we were only sprinkled on. It was excellent weather otherwise.